Aaru's Awakening
Aaru's Awakening is a 2D action platformer.

You are the champion of Dawn, Aaru. Complete missions and explore the world of Lumenox using Aaru's highly mobile skills, teleportation and charging.

The balance between Dawn, Day, Dusk and Night is being destroyed by Night. As a last hope Dawn sends out his champion, Aaru, to travel all the way to Night’s domain and restore balance. Can you save the world of Lumenox?

Key Features:
Mobility  -Freedom of movement instead of limitations, teleport and charge your way to victory
The Style  -All backgrounds and animations in Aaru’s Awakening are kept in a charming traditional style
The Story  -The game will feature narrated cut scenes and a rich story for you to enjoy, as you embark on Aaru’s epic journey to save the world of Lumenox
The Music  -Original score created by Fridfinnur Oculus, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the game
Residents  -Meet the inhabitants of the four unique domains.Some are peaceful while others might want to eat you